New Ideas for Yo-Yo Display?

Hello All,
So my collection has grown quite a bit and I have been back and forth on how to display and organize my throws. This is attempt 1 of ??? I know that the organization of the throws is off, but this was just a start. Any ideas on how to better display would be great. Thanks.20180904_124002


Looks pretty cool right now, I personally use some Ikea cd stand things, they’ve got mirrors in the back, makes them look a little bigger
Good Luck!

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Can you put up a picture when you have a chance to? I’d like to see it.

There’s a guy on FB B/S/T, who 3d printed hexagonal “tubes” (not sure what to call 'em) that interlock. I’ll see if he’s on here so he can share the pic.

Ok, courtesy of Jonatan Thorstensson… here’s the link:



Hexagons are cool. I’ve been using the Michael’s soda crates but those are boring old squares!


Clean lines ftw. But I’m not a big fan of displaying entire collections so it’s a non-issue for me.