New Ideas for Yo-Yo Display?

Hello All,
So my collection has grown quite a bit and I have been back and forth on how to display and organize my throws. This is attempt 1 of ??? I know that the organization of the throws is off, but this was just a start. Any ideas on how to better display would be great. Thanks.20180904_124002


Looks pretty cool right now, I personally use some Ikea cd stand things, they’ve got mirrors in the back, makes them look a little bigger
Good Luck!

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Can you put up a picture when you have a chance to? I’d like to see it.

There’s a guy on FB B/S/T, who 3d printed hexagonal “tubes” (not sure what to call 'em) that interlock. I’ll see if he’s on here so he can share the pic.

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Ok, courtesy of Jonatan Thorstensson… here’s the link:



Hexagons are cool. I’ve been using the Michael’s soda crates but those are boring old squares!


Clean lines ftw. But I’m not a big fan of displaying entire collections so it’s a non-issue for me.

I just wanted to show this little display idea I’ve been using. Didn’t think it deserved a whole topic though. I had this little metal sign with magnetic pins on it. One day I tried to hang a yoyo and it works pretty well to keep one handy. Of course this will only work on yoyos with a lip. 3 pins seems to work for me but more can fit to make it secure, or maybe bigger pins are available. If you have a displate style art-piece this could be pretty cool I think. And one more point, I don’t think the magnets are strong enough or close enough to effect the bearings but someone let me know if you think its a bad idea for metal ball bearings. Anyway, way too long for this but I thought it was neat.


A board with bits of paracord knotted through the holes to form little hanging loops. Simple but secure, cheap and can be scaled appropriately.



At work, I display my Monster Ball counterweight within a 87’ Ferrari piston.


I had a 50lb magnet that I hung a yoyo on and nearly ruined it. It vibes like CRAZY now. Still usable, but it lost some spin time. It was a beater and I haven’t cared enough to try a new bearing in it yet. But I haven’t hung another yoyo like that since.


ya well 50lb magnets are meant to hold like, firearms. these are magnets covered in plastic that probably weigh like 1 gram meant to hold paper.