3D Printed YoYo Display?

Hello team, anyone out there have any experience with printing multi yoyo displays other that the hexagons and towers that I’ve seen around?

I’m looking for something along the lines of what’s shown in the image below, minus the drawers and also with only 4 sides. I just got a new display cabinet for my collection and I’ve settled on this to show off a little better.


Thanks in advance.

Edit: not looking for someone to print for me, just someone that has maybe done some trial and error.


I have printed things like this and as long as you make sure the squares are the size you want it would be really simple. You can edit the size of your squares in your slicer for printing. You could make custom squares in some free online tinker cad programs.


Hey I designed and printed a lot of stands, holders, etc for Yo-Yos the last year.

I can not really recommend boxes/hives:

  1. the throws are mostly fiddly to pull out.
  2. not so good for display reasons since the throws roll inside
  3. If you stack them they are mostly light and wobbly

I use now mainly two stand types which one is more for display reason and the other one to store throws.
If you are interested I can post pics tomorrow if ur looking for an alternative idea.


Thanks @PanickedHero, my buddy is the one with the printer so I’ll relay that info to him since he will understand what you mean. Do you have an images of what you’ve printed?

@Kray, I’d be interested in seeing what you have done if possible. My issue revolves around space and unused height in the cabinet, but I plan on having a few select daily users up front on different stands.

I considered just an o-ring sitting in the box under the front half of the yoyo to control rolling (might be one of those great in concept only ideas). I am a little concerned about the stability of the stacks though. These will be on glass shelves and I can only imagine the nightmare of the top shelf shattering and the chain reaction that could follow. I came across some interlocking designs but nothing that fits the picture in my head.


I am sorry but the stuff was printed for other people and I am horrible about taking pictures of the things I make. I printed a few single yoyo stands so mine can sit on the bookshelf. If you would like the website I can PM you. Not sure if that’s ok here.

Found one of the stands.


Hey @Grunt,
I think my concepts may not work for you but maybe give u new ideas how to solve some of ur issues.
I am travelling right now that is why I can only post my 3D models but I guess that will give u a picture of the concepts.

The stand (important for me was that is stable and you can easily throw in a yoyo with string!)

At home I arrayed this thing and put them up like on a stair so you have a good overview (10 per staircase)

Box for drawers (store easy and lot of yoyos and take them out of the drawer in a box)

Same concept multiple scaled to my drawers size

Since u said ur looking for height ur wanna fill I use this concept:

A fun stand for a friend who is starwars fan:

And here my custom string pick :wink:

Hope that gets u some creative ideas how u wanna proceed with ur solution. If I can help let me know I love the topic! If you add the shape in the bottom like I have in my box that helps a lot with rolling around!
So far keep me posted on ur progress!
Cheers Ray


I figured I’d give an update on this since maybe someone will care.

Rev 1 - 5 sided box, a little too deep.

Rev 2 - took out the back to utilize the mirror and took off 16mm of depth

Now it’s time to make like 47 more of them.


Morning @Grunt,
I would like to give u two recommendations from my experience which I think would be a great improvement in the user experience.

First I would add the „ramp“ part in the lower half to prevent too much movement like so:

Second I would add a thin back „wall/lip“ (orange line) to prevent falling out the back:

So my 5 cents :smiley: hope this helps to improve ur product
Keep me posted


Lovely print so far, I love the idea.
Yeah, I’d be worried with your design in my house with them all flopping out with a clumsy clap and then a hundred tiny marks could appear on my precious babies.
If you don’t have children or loopy pets they are probably perfect as is :heart::heart:

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I like what you have done! Could we see what they will fill? I picture a thin curio cabinet that these will fill so falling and structure isn’t an issue.

My plan is to adhere (not sure how yet) each box together and somehow secure that to the structure of the cabinet.There are shelves but not in that image.

And I will be anchoring the cabinet to the wall @HappyHands, 2 kids and 3 dogs so yeah I am a little concerned haha.


Super glue for the boxes if you want them permanently. If its a tight fit then I don’t see why good double sided tape wouldn’t work. You could even have your friend print gap fillers for stability. Looks good though I bet it will Supa fancy when you get it all together!!

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Oh shut the front door, that little display unit is the nuts. That is going to look incredible dude. Little bit envious, we have a perfect spot for that in our house :face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl:
Good luck with the securing, once your done, put two more screws in. :+1:


If they weren’t going to be flush with the back wall (and attached to it), I would definitely add in a railing of some sort.

My main reason for not adding in a ramp is that I may display some throws on their side. I think I’ve settled on doing some shelf/drawer liners cut to size for each cube. Would be pretty cheap.

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And the best part, I found it for $25 at a garage sale and I used some paint we already owned. I think we’re going to spend more on filament than the cabinet haha.

I’ll update you guys in a week or so when we have some progress.


I used felt, that’s what they call it here in UK, in my display boxes I aim to get the up on the wall soon myself.!
Felt was really cheap and came in every colour of the rainbow :+1:IMG_20201031_122457903|666x500


If I see the cool cabinet you bought I would not add any plastic boxes…
I would definitely go with the stick solution I posted a photo of
But just my taste :wink: very curiously how it finished product will look like