Yoyo Display / Stand ideas


Hi guys,

You might have seem my other posts about building yoyo related things. I have seen some single yoyo stands, but they just don’t seem cool enough to show off your yoyos. So if you could display them in any way you wanted, how would you do it? Don’t worry about how to actually make it, just throw out some ideas. Maybe I can get some inspiration to make some custom displays / stands.

I get the feeling that most people have several yoyos, and it seems like some kind of stand that could hold multiple yoyos would be idea.



The red is stretchy. Interpret the rest anyway you want.


I was actually going to suggest something similar to Kangaroo.

Last year at worlds I saw a guy with a who had a case with dowels running through it. He used those hair-rubber-band-things so secure his yoyos. He arranged the hair scrunchies in an X pattern on the dowels and slipped the yoyo into the diamond the two scrunchies formed. It was quite cool looking, and I’m sure you could could whip up something cool with it.

The design looked almost exactly like Kangaroos, except the red stretchy bits go to the opposite corners, forming an X.

EDIT: Picture



I’d like a wall mount display case with individual 2.75" x 2.75" inch compartments and glass doors. I would like the back of each compartment to be covered in black felt. I would like all 4 sides (including top and bottom) of compartment to be covered in EL tape to provide lighting. I would like each yoyo to be mounted on a clear plex-glass stand that rotates the yoyo slowly.

Number of compartments could vary. You could do a 4x4, or 20 x 2 or whatever size/shape you wanted.


I liked this one.


For a collection that one would not use, I’ve been considering a 2 or 3 piece wall mount with fishing line. Similar to the concepts with the dowel rods, run fishing line up and around a row, and then run another line from left to right. Finish it off with an entire front glass piece that slides onto the rest of the frame.

I would be concerned about new throws with their weight, but my intentions would be for proyos.

Would take a little bit of work to get it done, lots of possibilities with it though.


Take a page from Josh Yee’s book. Plastic Bag.


These are some cool ideas. I like the wall mounted display with compartments and EL wire. LEDS make everything look cooler. I also like the clear stands. I think I will get some acrylic and laser cut out some stands to try out. Keep the ideas coming if anyone has them.



I was thinking earlier today that an epic wall-mounted display would be essentially a really shallow wine rack. A diagonal-grid of diamond-shaped holes that yoyos could sit in. It wouldn’t be secure during an earthquake, but it would look great and offer really quick access to my most-used throws.


I really like how mikeff displayed his ilyy collection.


Do you have any pictures or a link?





how about YoyoBoards?

and here’s a video of the guy’s collection at home


I love this thread so much. Especially the wine rack thing.