My Brother sent me this, it is AWESOME.


Extremely cool video, using magnets.

(Justin the JeeJaw) #2

wrong section :wink:


LOL, xD I just didn’t notice. MOVED!


Thats awesome

welcome 6A! ;D lol


like the idea with magnet CW, but 2 yoyos…hmmm…noo ; - P


Ben this sick how’d you do it man???


Not me… lol. My bro just emailed it to me.


That. Was sick. :o

See you at BAC!

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #9

That’s a older video and I am suprised that Yoyofactory or Duncan or someone else hasn’t made a new yoyo with these built in.


the guy who invented that in the video was the 3a guy
he is part of duncan I think
I saw him at national and he seems pretty cool

editted:and this was a old video