Duncan Heritage Tour Yoyo Information?


Please bear with me if I break any cardinal rules here, this is my first post.

So this is, I suspsect, a Duncan Bumblebee in disguise. I obtained this during the summer of 2010, when Duncan went on their “Heritage Tour”, and I met up with a few of them at my local toy store in Linden, MI. (The toy store no longer exists, sadly went out of business) and they were giving them away.

anyways, my question is, does anyone have any information on this yoyo? rare? common?

as far as bare basics go, it’s pretty decent. Though like i said i’m pretty positive this is just a Bumblebee with different caps.

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You didn’t break any rules as far as I know. Nice first post and welcome!

Looks like a bumblebee to me.

It probably isn’t worth much considering the only thing special about it is the caps. I could be wrong though.


It’s an Ignite which is essentially a Bumblebee with a wood axle sleeve instead of a bearing. It’s Duncan’s standard put different caps on for promotional purposes yoyo.


Thank you! I had no idea.

probably not worth much, but thanks for the info! I was always wondering what the heck it was.