What the heck is a duncan Ignite?

Anyone have any pictures? or a link?

I saw the name mentioned here. http://www.spinworkx.com/blog/


Some facts:

-Take apart
-Ball bearing
-Brake pads (I guess these are the cork stuff)
-Lots of colors

I think this is like a mass production yoyo. You can’t order one individually, you have to buy lots of them and then re-sell/give them away.

Thanks! I will definitely be going to help break the record, and I think im buying some of those ;D They are like $3 each, which is $2 in US dollars :o They look like pretty good loopers.

BTW, Where did you find that?

Everybody loves Google ;D

I found this PDF:

Oh haha, i ignored it because it was a .pdf  :-[


Sounds like a bumble bee actually.

I wonder if they would be good for 2A?


I’ll probably be trying one out on Sunday when they try to break the record. I really wanna buy a pair of them!

So, I know the thread is like 4 months old haha- But I just got one of these a few days ago.

It’s EXACTLY a turbo bumble bee by playmaxx/proyo, except w/ a fixed wooden sleeve axle. If you reember the cold fusion, it came w/ 2 spare wood sleeves, & a brass one. That’s what this is. I have plenty of extra bearings & spacers, so I just put them in there & bam, bearing. No modding required. Also, The plastic still has “playmaxx” written on it, showing Duncan was indeed “too cheap to change/make a new mold”

you have a sense for how much a new mold costs, right?

the pogs and packaging say duncan, so why would they spend a dime to fix what ain’t broke. duncan acquired playmaxx. playmaxx is no more, besides a possession of duncan’s. do you really think anyone who buys a tbb/d-fly/proyo/profly/ignite/profire is going to be ticked that the product they bought was originally released under a different brand (which no longer exists)?

i can think of lots of good reasons to take a shot at duncan; this just isn’t one.

I just bought one of these at Cracker Barrel when I went for dinner last week. Yea it has a wooden sleeve and cork brake pads. Add a bearing to it and its a good looper.
Yea I did notice the palymaxx logo under the pog, LOL
By the way what record are you trying to break?

most people playing yoyo, in the same place, at the same time

i gought one at cracker barrel it barely sleeps

The Duncan Ignite is a yoyo designed for looping.(traditional shaped)

It has a wooden spool inside,and can twist apart.

I found mine at cracker barrel.

In general it has a 20 second sleep time.(for me)

The usual price is $4.00,and for that it’s worth it.