All GONE - DELETE PLEASE - Trade 2 Sets of Bucky Balls for your Yo-Yos!!!


[s]I asked for Buckyballs from everyone for my birthday and they came through. Now I have too many buckyballs. I am keeping 3 sets for myself and trading away the rest.

Only 2 sets left.
1 Black unopened set.
1 Chrome opened set

I have 2 sets of Black Buckyballs unopened/sealed in original packaging.
I have 1 set of Silver Buckyballs unopened/sealed in original packaging.
I have 2 sets of Original buckballs (Chrome finish) that are opened but lightly used. These sets are complete (216 balls each) with the orange plastic storage containers they come with.

Each of these sets value is around $30 so I will trade for equal value in trade.

Buckyballs are sets of small super strong magnets that you can build all kinds of things with.

Check out this video:

I am getting back to yoyoing. I want to try some different types of yoyos. I prefer metals - no plastic.

These arent for trade, they are just some that I have had that might give you some ideas of what I like:
I have a regulus which I like.
I have a hitman pro which I find a tad heavy and wide.
I had a G5 and a Pyro.

I would like to try anything else. I think I prefer throws that arent too heavy or wide so that would be a plus. Let me know what you have and what you want form me.
I will trade multiple sets for some good stuff.

You may see this same post on that other yoyo forum. That’s me too. I know I don’t have any feedback or posts here so I am willing to ship first as long as you have good feedback.



only 2 sets left

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