Lots of yo-yos for sale!

Hey guys. I have gotten approval from my mom to sell some yo-yos so ya. Feel free to contact me via PM!

YYF Blue/Black 44. Mint. Needs a better bearing maybe, smooth. Love it, and I did fix it. 65 shipped

I have a Black Yuuksta. Two dings from where it hit the tile. Smooth and nice shape. 52 shipped

I have a HSpin Gorylla. Ano flaws that aren’t very noticeable. Minimal vibe and cleaned bearing. 30 shipped

I also have a OD Y-Factor. 1 of 20 Cotton Candy Edition. 3 super small dings, one side is missing a pad. Smooth. This will be kind of hard to let go of. 75 shipped

Beat to Crap Protostar. Needs silicone, vibe, AIRG bearing. 15 shipped

Nicely Beat Legacy. 5a yoyo, RTV Silicone, CT Bearing. 10 Shipped

2 FHZ. One has been Sili Recessed and Satined- 25 Shipped \
One has Silicone Stickers and is Clear- 12 Shipped /Both have two scuffs

I also have a mint broken 44 and a Boss with two dings (also broken). For any modders who maybe wanna try and screw with them be my guest. Both for 60 bucks.

Thats it. The only trades I would do for would be:

Package Deal Buy all plastics for $40 shipped.
Buy Yuuksta and Gorylla for 85 Shipped.
Buy all for 230 shipped!

Genesis (Mint)
BBYY (Mint)
Avalanche (Near Mint or Mint)

Package Deals added


I would offer 60 dollars s for the y factor

No thanks. It was originally 90

Boss taken off for vibe and string rubbing problems



Gorylla pending!

FAIL buy those 2 pay 5$ more what a deal!!!