One Drop Table Top


We’ve been messing around with prototyping spin tops these past couple months. Considering putting them through production.

Share with us your thoughts on how we should move forward.

Would you pick one up from YoYoExpert?


Omg I would definitely buy some of these
I love these things :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ;D ;D ;D



I might buy one if they were relatively cheap.


They might be $20 $30 at the most


They look fun, what is the size of them?


They look great!


I’d buy one, but would you consider making a full on Spintop with the plastic of a Rally, but uses SE’s as a weight change? It seems far fetched, but it seems pretty cool.


Honestly, it would all depend on the price, if it was under $15 i would buy it.


it might go half the price of a top

(LordCanti) #10

They look sweet! ;D It looks like the perfect “I’m bored and don’t know what to do” toy. And I could take it with me anywhere, I would totally get one.


My father loves table tops. That would make his life complete. (I would also purchase one for myself!)


I would definitely buy one


ooh looks like fun that and my grandpa loves stuff like this my grandparents attic is full of stuff like this.


I would impulse buy one for cheap. But I wouldn’t pay a premium for one. Even $15 would be pushing it.


Do want.


Everybody here is saying 15$ is a good price. But the real question is how big is it? That should help determine the price.
I for one would love to have one of these on my desk at work. Fun to play with when on a conference call lol.


If the top was somehow branded as being a one drop item I’d buy it for my collection. If it wasn’t somehow branded I likely wouldn’t.


Hmmm…make a YoyoExpert edition, and I’ll buy several…guaranteed. ;D


I make tops and sell them. Here are some things I have learned. My tops are titanium and spin from 6-9 minutes. Some people who use copper and bronze can get there tops to spin for 14 minutes.

You need to knurl the stem and put a bearing in the tip. Both of these things will increase spin life and the usable life of the top. I prefer ceramic bearings.

I would strongly encourage you to play around with knurling and bearing tips before you produce tops without them. The non bearing tips flatten out over time and then the top becomes erratic.

Below are some pictures of one of my tops. The pictures show ceramic tip, the knurling on the stem, and a little bit of the weight distribution. This top when finger spun will easily go for 6 minutes before the side touches the surface.


Personally, I can’t say that this really interests me. If they were dirt cheap then I might pick one up as an impulse buy, but it isn’t really my thing otherwise.