Spintops on yye!


YAY!!! Thank you Andre ;D


$150.00 for a spintop? I know the MG is $450.00. But $150.00 for a spin top is a rip off.


How could you say that ? It is made with the same materials as yoyos and uses the same parts as yoyo’s and the are extremely fun IMO*


Okay before you started yoyoing would have ever thought you would pay $100 or more for a yoyo? Answer: No unless your some rich spoiled brat or something.

Its a skill toy and as your skill develops your taste for the hobby changes just like yoyoing. Spintops is a fun and highly entertaining hobby. Even when someone asks how much your yoyo is and you tell them they look at you like you have two heads, but they don’t enjoy it as much as you do. Now don’t get me wrong you do not have to buy expensive spintops to have fun and be good with them. It’s up to the player whether it is worth it to buy them.

Now go forth and spin!


You get annoyed when people say things like this to you about yoyos, and yet you still turn an ignorant eye to other skill-toys.

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It’s interesting that they bring the tops here, but, once we buy them, where do we learn how to use them? Do you guys think they’ll make a section in the Learning Tab for spin tops?


Yes there will be new tutorials for this coming up soon

Or you could check spintopeXpert.com lol

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So true.


That actually works, it takes you here: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/category/19/Spin-Top

Type it into your url bar… now… DO IT!!! (spintopexpert.com, I mean)