Skill toys!


YoYos are not included to make things fair :wink:


Begleri and pen spinning

(yoyobro!) #3

Begleri, pen spinning, kendama, Terra Pill, Monkey Knuckles, cubing, juggling, and balisong. I have too many hobbies…


No you don’t! :stuck_out_tongue:

You need to add spin tops. You can get into it for only $6.00:


Kendama and spin top :smiley:


Yeah you can get into yoyos for $6 too but add a few zeroes over the years hahaha


Haha, you would need many duplicates to do that with spin tops!

(yoyobro!) #8

Haha I already have one I just haven’t played with it very much. They look fun though


Begleri and kendama