Love top?


I’m thinking of getting another spin top for my birthday (July 28) and I was looking at the Strumbol8 (correct me of I spelled it wrong) Love, the mini Key chain one. Anybody have one? Any opinions? Looks cool and is the cheapest Delrin top there, but is there any downside to it? (Other than the size, which I do not care about.)


Not for beginners, it is difficult to throw. It is mostly solid so it will not spin near as long as the other S8 tops. If you are in to tops and want the most durable, longest spinning top available today, get a Giulia. To be fair, some people have trouble throwing the Giulia also, but they usually don’t have the string set up right or are throwing way to hard.

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I can attest to that. The Yoyoexpert table at MA States bestowed a great amount of trust in me when they gave me permission to test throw a Giulia before purchasing (which I unfortunately never did). It was much different that my Trompo, and took a few awkward throws to get it perfect, but holy moly was it a total doll when I got it right.

I never asked to throw their Love, but I can tell just by looking at it that I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone less than totally serious.


Hm, what top would you recommend? As long as its less than $90.

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For a good middle option, I’d recommend the Spintastics Trompo Bearing. It’s what I’ve been using for quite a bit. You can convert it into a fixed tip by tightening down the nut inside, so I’d personally not bother with getting the fixed version for that kind of play. I have an issue with the tip shape, though; Strummol8 has much much better tips. If you want to get a Strummol8, though, there’s the STB 2.0 sitting barely inside your budget.


Ok thanks! Ill get that for sure :slight_smile:

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Some guy let me throw his love at Indy States. It was so cute! Not for someone just starting. I couldn’t really get started on a Trompo, so I got a bearing king and learned easier on that, so that’s what I recommend.

My main top right now is a Quicksilver, I think it’s the only metal top in production right now, and it’s about sixty bucks. ::slight_smile: Mainly a metal Trompo.


Haha, that Love at Indy States was mine!!! The Love is not for beginners, but I don’t find it that hard to use either. It’s really been the only spin top I’ve thrown in the last couple months. I have a Giulia also, which is a fantastic top. You cant go wrong with the Giulia or STB.


I just got a love top from my wife for my birthday! Its exactly what I wanted, but I cannot throw that sucker straight! JerenB, what string length do you use for it?

Edit* Turns out all I needed was a bit of practice! Got it! This thing is awesome!