Are fidget spinners a skill toy yet?


I’ve been messing with fidget spinner tricks for a while now. What do you guys think? Will it become a new skill toy?


I have seen a lot of these at school, but nobody does anything with them. Everyone just sits there and spins them, I did see one kid toss it up a couple of inches, but that was it. After seeing your video, I looked them up on the internet for more tricks, but no one has anything compared to this. I hope that people realize that this can be a skill toy because I am pretty interested in what you can do with these. Please keep up the cool tricks!


The way you make it yes that way it will be a skill toy😂

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Daaaaannnggg dude! I have wondered if they would become a skill toy and now I can say that it is for sure a legit thing. Do you make your own?

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i cant help but laugh at the fad explosion of these silly things. I dont think ive ever seen something so simple, so silly, so random, become THE THING so fast. Last time I think of the yoyo boom of the late 90’s. The parents are clueless. “What are they? What do they do?” i spin one, “thats it??” and repete for the next person that comes in. 50% of our phone calls now are people asking if we have these, and we cant stock them fast enough.

crazy!! as far as skill toy, its all object manipulation. I like isolations… :slight_smile:


Yoyoers are a unique bunch. We need to be challenge and involved. Thats why we play with skill toys. Other (most) people want mindless ways to keep themselves busy. Spinners are a way to fidget (like the fidget cubes and stuff) without actually having to learn anything. This is why they are so popular. The pinnacle of “cool” for these is just spinning it, which is easy. I bought one cause I bite my nails when im sitting, and I cant yoyo while sitting at a desk. I have since moved on to begleri, and I got very bored w/ the spinner)

All this said, dammmmn that video. Those look wicked hard. lol!


While I will agree they can totally be skill toys, they are used to “fidget”, as said above it’s to be a mindless activity. I have observed the growth in popularity and I at first I liked it, most of my classmates use them, but it has evolved into a distraction to basically everyone in my classroom. I don’t want to be misconstrued, the concept is great, but it’s so flipping mainstream and grossly misused.


Woah, neat! I recently got into these and bought my first one a week ago (that broke yesterday, RIP).

While they’re fun to flick, I always wanted to see how creative we can get in turning a stress reliever gadget into a skill toy. I can so far just toss it between hands and mindlessly flick it, as well as hopping from different fingers (Barely)…

Yes, they’ve gone so main stream that you can actually buy them at Walgreens…Heck, even my work (I work at a theme park) sells them in their gift shops. I see people walking around the park spinning them as well as spinning them when waiting in line. Maybe it will distract people from line cutting, which is a common occurance.