Fidget spinners


So I saw a video of some I think knife enthusiast guy and he was talking about how cool these fidget spinners are. I don’t really know why but what seams to be a while later there a big trend. What are u guys thoughts on them




I have one and I love it. Great to play with while in class, bored, and so on.


I really don’t get it.

What do they do besides spin?

I guess I always have a yoyo, so if I want to do that, I could just throw.


Andre brought some in recently for the office (They’re selling them at A2Z now) and I can definitely see the draw of them.

I didn’t really get it until I had one, but there’s something enjoyable about spinning them. After a day or so I can consistently throw/catch them with both hands which has a “skill toy” kind of feel.

I doubt I would spend titanium money on one, but I can see myself buying a lower end metal one. Try em before you knock em! ;D


I have tried a couple here and there.

It does seem like a field that is ripe for trick innovation.


My cat is fascinated by them. I set one on the coffee table and she pawed at it.

I set it on the floor about a foot in front of her, spun it, and she just sat there and purred.


Well that’s all a yoyo dose, until you explore other possibilities with it


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I made this, it works well for body style tricks.


Fidget spinners are really uninspiring. Loads of kids have them and they do absolutely nothing with them except hold them and spin them, because children find them uninspiring too… Just something fun to give a flick now and again, nothing more.

Why do they do nothing with them other than spinning them?.. Because you can’t do anything other than spin them and sit them on you finger tips and do hops and catches.

Yeah, they just spin. That really is the size of it.

Yoyos on the other hand offer rich and endless possibilities that are constantly being demonstrated.


I got a cheapo fidget spinner to see what the craze was all about, I’m not sure if there is supposed to be anything more to this than spin.

Then I got a 12 sided fidget dodecahedron, now I keep that on my office desk and fiddle with it while listening to calls, better that than web browsing.


A yoyo just spins that’s all. But look at the wide variety of tricks you can come up with! Soon they’ll have a ton a tricks like yoyos.


A yoyo just spins, does it?

So I suppose all you do with yours is throw a sleeper and let it spin?


cough cough allow me to demonstrate just a few of the possibilities that were found about a month back in the trick meta.

Again, this stuff is pretty old and most noobs can do it. The community has moved on the quintuple slaps, inverted scissor catch combos, and many more tricks are still left to be found. Yes, the creativity is limited, but look at kendamas. The creativity might seem limited there too. Fidget spinners might have a bad rep, they might always have a bad rep, but there is a new community that has been born that is trying to make them more than just things that spin.

Not trying to be a jerk here sorry if I sound like one lolololol.


I discovered fidget spinners about 8 months ago (before they became a fad) and you are right they do nothing other than spin. For an old man like me I find that relaxing. I also carry an extra when I travel just to give it away (btw, I also do the same with yoyo’s)