Not a yo-yo but yo-yo related.

(Jeromy K.) #1

It is not a yo-yo but it is a 1960’s Twin Spin Wood top, it is fun to play with. It is mint, old and some what rare.


Cool Spin tops! I have one too.


Cool, makes me want to play with mine.


can you do any tricks with them?


Well of course.

Its like saying “Hey, can you do tricks with a yoyo?”


Ha I think he’s asking like can you personally do any? Someone might have a top but might not be able to do anything with it. Just like some people can have a yoyo and can’t do anything with it.


exactly what i mean

(Jeromy K.) #8

The twin spin is hard to do any thing with trick wise, it is more of an novelty toy. With my other tops I can do a few things.