My wooden tops (homemade)

Hello everyone!

I’ve made a very small spin top. I don’t have the right tools to make it perfect, but at least it spins for about 20-30 seconds if thrown good.
I call him Gold Nugget :smile:
Made with some tools I had lying around the house. Wooden dowel for the body , and thin metal bar for the tip. It took forever to sandpaper it down to it’s shape !
My index finger was Hurt during the process. Can’t yoyo till it is healed a bit. Just some skin off. Nothing to worry about!


it is very pretty

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m working on another one! a bigger one!
this time from a walnut tree! really a tree!
the young tree was cut down in our garden , very young, and was in our way. it was cut, and digged out.
I thank the tree for the beautiful top I’ve made with the wood!
again, no tools other than a handsaw , knife and sandpaper were used. it spins very well!
used the old rusty tip from another spin top, I restored. the tip is now very shiny!
walnut wood makes for a nice spin top! I’m currently painting it. going to be a red top with black spots. I’ll call her ladybug :smile:
I’ll finish her and take a picture.

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sorry, can’t help it! had to do that :joy::grin:

it spins very good! think I’m getting better on making tops! practice, practice and…o yes, patience!


A closer look .

Height: 7 cm
4 cm Wide.


I’m stopping with spinning tops, I can’t get it right. Also, i love yo-yo much more!
Yo-yo’ing is my all time favorite hobby. Even if some time , I get bored with yo-yo’ing , I always have a yo-yo with me. I never really quit with it. Some times a few days, but never more!


Do you have yoyo friends IRL? It makes it really fun when you can share tricks/tips with others, nothing like learning a trick in 3D as opposed to a video tutorial!

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I don’t have many friends, and none of them yo-yo’s. I do have a lover and he’s always supporting me. Even if he does not yo-yo :slight_smile:
I live in Belgium , yo-yo is not a well-known hobby here. . There is no club I know of. It’s still rare to see another yo-yo player. I’ve never met one here where I live sadly. .

It has been a looong time!
It’s been a while since I picked up My yo-yo, even if I always take one with me.
Maybe I start with my spin tops again too, maybe I can get it right!
But right now, im into other stuff. Like paranormal and spiritual stuff.
See you later, Alligator :grin:!


Um, ok, bye :confused:

You’ll be back… just like a yo-yo :wink:

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Hey guys,
I got some great news!
I started with spinning tops again , and noticed something very important.
Some dumb mistake I made in the past.
I always threw my wooden tops with the point down. Because my wooden top are all old style throwing tops. And I did not get the clue, of the point needed to face upwards.
I thought it was a different way with these tops, because they not looked anything like modern spin tops. Don’t have this little 'gap ’ or 'bulb ’ (don’t know how it’s called ), on the top , to loop the string. Watched some video’s on spinning tops, and noticed they all have this .
From what I learned , you loop the string on the upside of the top. Around the bulb first.
But since I don’t have a modern spin top, I never knew of this.

But , I have been practicing alot, With my yo-yo and spin tops. And I won’t give up!
The spinning tops are finally revealing their secrets to me :blush:


I’ve heard it said before that yo-yos are for people that can’t throw tops.
I’m not quite that hard core, but tops are fun for sure.

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