Picked up some antique wooden tops!

Found a bunch of spin tops at an antique store in Portsmouth, NH this weekend. They were selling these little wooden tops for $5 a piece so I grabbed them. The guy said they were from the estate of a woodworker and they were estimating they’re ~100 years old. They could have been turned yesterday for all I know, but sounded like a good story. :blush:

If anyone wants one of these let me know. Happy to spread them around if you want to pay shipping.


Also got this one which is a little more unique. Made from lignum vitae with a very cool tip. It throws pretty well with a yo-yo string too!



I think it’s pretty safe to say those weren’t turned a couple of days ago! :laughing: They look cool, how do they throw and spin?


Didn’t bring any top strings with me so the only one I was able to throw so far was that second pic I posted. It’s small and narrow so a yo-yo string worked pretty well.

And I forgot to bring them into the office today :expressionless:, so I’ll have to bring home some top strings to try out the others!

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