Some old-school tops I recently purchased...

Here’s a few wooden tops I recently found on eBay. I’m a big fan of wooden yo-yo’s, and I’m just learning how to throw tops, so I figured it would be cool to have some wooden tops, as well. I think I’m in love. The guy I bought them from said they are his father’s, circa 1950’s. Would any of you gentlemen know for sure if that’s true?

The two on the right look 50’s to me, the one on the left I’ve not seen before. Ta0?

The same here. The bigger one has an unusual tip: it may be a top somebody turned and not a production top. The tips on the small ones were used since the 30´s, but the single color paint jobs look 50’s to me, perhaps Champion (Sock It Co).

I love old school tops and throws. Nice find Shaun :wink: