Painting wooden spin tops

(Jolien Tomme) #1

I got some old wooden tops from my grandfather, and from flea markets. They re all wooden tops which I think are very durable. I never got my hands on a plastic top with bearing . … but these wooden tops, I treasure them! Once , they were part of a living being, a tree!
What I like about them , is That I can you can paint them. So from an old beat-up wooden top, to a gold/silver painted one!
That small top got a long history , but was saved from the old basement of my grandfather’s house. He said he used it back in the old days, not for playing, for fabricating lead! They slammed the top in the lead, with a Hammer. So That 's why it looks so worn. … poor tops. … anyway, it was saved, and I gave it a new life!

The tip was too long , pointy and rusty . removed the old tip, and replaced it with a metal screw.
My uncle filed the new tip (screw), after I put it in the top. I decided to give it a decent New life , so I painted it gold and silver . Varnished it afterwards .
I tried it out, and it is my best wooden top I have !!