A few random things i thought of today when playing the hatrick........

Well, here it goes, (remember, totally random)

Wow, smoooooooth, no vibe at all. Lets do ladder escape… easy, still lots of spin time left. Wow, holds really good suicide loops. I wonder if it’s the hat pads, don’t know. I wonder what where having for dinner tonight? Wow this thing is blazing fast, i can barely even see the yo-yo when i turn the speed on. I wonder how long this thing sleeps, lets see!.. 1minute… 2 minute…3 minute… OK now I’m bored. this is a good time play smooth. Wow, it’s amazing how smooth this thing is during string tricks, but still keeps it’s blazing speed. Wow this thing is comfortable, It’s like holding a pillow. Man this grinds for ever, like 4 seconds, and the IRG is insane,
wow this is fun to play with, best yo ever!!!

Well I’m done now, thanks for reading!!!

perfect, love it, I think everyone feels the same way when it comes to this yoyo.


actually, that review is pretty good… why dont more people do it like that.

screw format. just write down what you are thinking when playing it.

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