A few random things i thought of today when playing the hatrick........

(Johnny rocks!!!) #1

Well, here it goes, (remember, totally random)

Wow, smoooooooth, no vibe at all. Lets do ladder escape… easy, still lots of spin time left. Wow, holds really good suicide loops. I wonder if it’s the hat pads, don’t know. I wonder what where having for dinner tonight? Wow this thing is blazing fast, i can barely even see the yo-yo when i turn the speed on. I wonder how long this thing sleeps, lets see!.. 1minute… 2 minute…3 minute… OK now I’m bored. this is a good time play smooth. Wow, it’s amazing how smooth this thing is during string tricks, but still keeps it’s blazing speed. Wow this thing is comfortable, It’s like holding a pillow. Man this grinds for ever, like 4 seconds, and the IRG is insane,
wow this is fun to play with, best yo ever!!!

Well I’m done now, thanks for reading!!!

(Hardcore_Max) #2

perfect, love it, I think everyone feels the same way when it comes to this yoyo.

(Johnny rocks!!!) #3


(LookAYoYo) #4

actually, that review is pretty good… why dont more people do it like that.

screw format. just write down what you are thinking when playing it.