I'm not going to lie... *CLYW Content*

I’m in love! This yoyo is flippin’ amazing! Smooth as butter and has a very nice weight and feel to it.

Who else got one?

I did but it was extremely vibey so I sent it back :frowning: hopefully I’ll get a smoother one

I’d have taken it from ya :wink:

Really??? From the first throw, I was in awe.

I love mine I have the first run blizzard edition and I agree the weight is perfect and its just so versatile in everything you do with it


I don’t have one, but I certainly do want one.

You seem to have a lot of problems with your yoyos

I’ve got one. Electric bacon

What do you think of it? I like that colorway.

It’s my favorite but the chief is better by a little. There both great yoyos though

Got one, Cryo, love it. Great throw. Still honeymooning but seems smooth and it’s actually smoothing out as I play with it more. Breaking in really nice.

Yeah. I have been thinking about the “honeymoon phase” all day. All I know for sure is it’s a fantastic player and does pretty well for finger spins.

Seems to be getting better the more I throw… already on my second string and got it today, so that shows you.

My Gambit is a pretty close rival, can say I love both and they both feel like they are improving with use.

I read about some vibe issues with 2 vs 1, and for my level, this thing throw perfect. SUPER smooth and spins for a long time.

Glad I bought it.

no, just that and bonfire. Just unlucky.

I did! Just got it in today, haven’t had much time to play with it but man is it dead smooth, so much fun!


cool color!

I didn’t think I’d like that color but it looks pretty nice in your pic! Congrats!

I too chose this color way and it’s very smooth, no vibe. Also, picked up a summit mischief edition. :smiley:

Yeah, I wasn’t crazy about any of the new AC2 colorways but had been waiting a while for a new run. I thought the camp caribou blizzard looked the best, I’m really pleased with it after seeing it in person! Can’t wait to get some more play time in this weekend!

I just picked up a summit this week too in dragon slayer. I was afraid the 2 throws would be too similar from the looks of them, but they play quite differently from each other, which is what I had hoped.