Have you ever hated a yoyo when you weren't so good, that you now like?

I used to hate the Summit when I first received it, I thought the spin times sucked and the weight distribution was too light and that the lightness is the problem with it. The Summit always spun out and go haywire after throwing a few tricks at it.

Over the past couple months, my ability to throw in general now is much better than before. I can throw straighter and perform tricks more cleanly. Today, I picked up the Summit for first time since a couple months. Boy was I wrong about it.

The Summit performed beautifully and spun longer. I am able to do tricks with it until it slowed to a halt if I wanted to. My yoyoing capabilities have grown with usage of other yoyos. Other yoyos lead me to a straighter and harder throw and caused me to be a better player with the Summit. Other yoyos that I’ve used that I thought were better than the Summit; The Summit became better than some of those others.

In other words, the Summit is not newbie friendly. The Summit had went from my 2nd to last favorite to the upper middle rankings.

Have this happened to you guys before? If so, which yoyos?

This kind of happened to me when I bought my Shutter a year ago. I didn’t “hate it” but I rarely touched it as it felt very lackluster to me. Fast forward to a month ago when I gave this yoyo another chance, changed out the bearing and just told myself ‘I’m going to strictly play the shutter today’. I find it to now be more enjoyable now.

I had a similar experience with the Summit. Didn’t like the play of it at all when I bought it roughly a month into throwing. It was dead smooth, and I loved the look, shape, and size overall, just couldn’t play very well with it.

Now that I’ve been throwing over a year, my ability has progressed, and my “taste” in throws has expanded significantly, I’m definite that I would thoroughly enjoy a Summit now.

this happened with the clyw cliff, with my smaller hands, it hurt.

then i grew slightly older, my hands grew, and now it is my favorite yoyo of all time (never owned one, tried a friends recently and it was sooo good)

So I used to dislike my vosun for some time, but recently… Its not so bad.

I first hated the no-jive and thought I only bought it for nostalgia. and now I like it.

This Happened to me with the Gradient and the Regen. I thought they were too light and not stable enough. Now, while I still think the Gradient is a bit too light, I like both of them much more than I used to.

when i first got my gambit i thought it was okay and fell out of love with it… now that i sold it i miss more then any of the yoyos i sold.

Ditto Summit. After I could do tricks without looking I picked it up and thought it was waaaay better.

Arctic Circle 2 was a yoyo I hated but now its my favorite

Any fixed axle.

My first unresponsive was the RecRev Octave 3, and I hated it. I couldn’t get it to spin for anything, and it felt like a rock.

Fast forward a few months, and it was a heavy, but enjoyable, chill throw.

Also happened with my NorthStar, I thought it was plastic trash, and since then, I’ve changed the CT out for a different one, and it plays smooth and fun.

Didn’t really like my Neuae after getting an Octave. I thought it was really unstable because of its size.

Now I think it’s a decent undersized yo-yo. Plays kind of heavy but it’s a lot more stable than I originally thought.

I also tried a KYS Rapid at LVO, and I thought it felt like a brick. Didn’t understand the bi-metal hype back then. I want to give it another try.