wow yyf....a box of short opinions

just wow…

went to a yoyo meet yesterday, heres what I have to say about yoyos I have tried
hat trick: Amazing
pyro: A little wide, but after you get used to it, amazing
hitman pro: Amazing
punchline: wowzers…amazing
888x…I HAD TO BUY IT!!! Smoother then my general yo ministar…with z stacks…
Modded FHZ: Near dead smooth
meteor: Soooooo fast…had to buy it
severe: Ok, this yoyo played better then the hatrick to me, it is dead smooth, the shape is just incredible, its a wide mambajamba, the weight is distrubuted sooooo well, it plays like it is 42 grams… The catch zone is sooo open…i NEED ONE!!! (jeff/afrozenyetibaby wouldnt let it go
genesis: A heavier playing severe

This isnt a review either.

you’re right, its a box of short opinions

Thanks for the info