new review up now go check it out.

I havent written a review in a while and was just curious if anybody would like me to write a review the general yo Hatrick.
If you havent read my other reviews have a look over them and tell me what you think.

Primo review

Dingo review

Two Fat Ladies review

Why hesitate?
Just do it.
People would need more and more source for information.

I like your review.

No point in wasting room with a post about wasting room with a post… If you want to do it go ahead. But if your wondering weather or not anbody will get any use out of it… i’d say they won’t. The hatrick was limited and it’s not for sale anymore except on the b/s/t, were it is very scarce. Plus i already wrote one,13754.0.html But if your doing it for fun just do it.

I think that the more quality reviews there are the better. Why not???

I like reviews, even if I’ve read many reviews of previously reviewed products. I like getting inside of peoples heads.

i’d appreciate it if you’d stay out of my head…

Mine too, its already crowed in there as it is. lol

I will write a review on the hatrick later this weekend, so stay tuned.

Just posted up the review, check it out tell me what you think.