this is discouraging

So I just recieved my DM2 that I ordered today, I’m thinking “sweet I can start practing string tricks” when I get the yo-yo in a trapeze it starts grabbing at the string and goes dead within 5 seconds, so I think" well mabye I better just practice unresponsive play then" I switch the bearing and now I cant get it to bind and return…I feel like a steaming pile of lame :-[

Practice makes perfect.

Keep working at it and eventually you will get it.


How good is your Breakaway?

The first rule: If there’s a problem, the problem is you.

my breakaway? alright I guess…I throw it pretty damn hard hoping to get a really good sleep on the yo-yo…man this is waaaaaaay diffrent than a looping yo-yo, sigh I feel it’ll be ages before I get this one down

Try throwing with less force and concentrate more on a nice, straight Breakaway. When the skill develops, the strength and speed will follow. Ideally, when you hit your Trapeze, no string should be touching the sidewalls of the yo-yo.

so should I put the speed bearing down till I’m better at throwing then?

That might not be a bad idea, actually. I take it you have the slimmer “responsive” bearing to play with? Work with that, and concentrate on accuracy and not power for now.

Get the basics down solid. Work on throwing straight, and understand that the better your throw, the less “wobble/vibe” you’ll have as well. In a day or two, you’ll be landing a Trapeze that’s straight and centered.

well alright then…I’m guessing thats the reason it grabs the string and stops huh? I was starting to think that mabye I should have ordered shims with it to widen it but oh well. I’ve only been able to bind it and return it successfully twice from brain twister mount…but it didn’t look flashy at all lol

Braintwister is a bad position to bind from. It can be done, but it’s messy and typically results in a poor bind. The reason being is that you’re trying to pull the loop down into the gap in the same direction that the yo is spinning. When holding a Braintwister, you’re actually in an Under Mount. Far better is to bind from an Over Mount.

As far as your original issue, if your throw is resulting in a tilted yo, you’re going to have problems. Practice getting the yo straight from release. If you’re landing a Trapeze with string touching the inner walls of the yo, you’re going to have problems. Work at getting those strings lined up center.


lol I see then…thanks for all the advice…guess I’m just setting foot on a long road is all