This is Awesome

(Eleazar) #1

I know a guy who’s goods friend sister works with Yuuki Spencer. How awesome is that. :o :o :o


Last I heard Yuuki worked at a Starbucks. Is it still Starbucks, or something else?


Haha, How cool is that?, “Can I have another coffee Yuuki?” :smiley:


“One grande strawberry frap. Slack if you can.”

(Eleazar) #5

Yeah. From what he told me he is the guy at hte hospital who wheels the sick people aroung and his sis does it with him. I am verified that it is Yuuki becuase he saud he was the 07 world champ and that he did unbelievble stuff with the yoyo.


What city is this in?

(Eleazar) #7



Omg if you just got like surgery and he was wheeling you out… I would be like “dude… awsome” then faint.

(Gorrilla_YO) #9

Yeah, hi, can i have a Mocha Frappuccino and a side order of a purple yoyofactory 888 worlds 2007 edition, signed and kissed…LOL


~Mr.Gorrilla Yo

(PHAZZE) #10


(Raphael) #11

I’d give him a good tip, and I like it slacked not stired.