This is Awesome

I know a guy who’s goods friend sister works with Yuuki Spencer. How awesome is that. :o :o :o

Last I heard Yuuki worked at a Starbucks. Is it still Starbucks, or something else?

Haha, How cool is that?, “Can I have another coffee Yuuki?” :smiley:

“One grande strawberry frap. Slack if you can.”

Yeah. From what he told me he is the guy at hte hospital who wheels the sick people aroung and his sis does it with him. I am verified that it is Yuuki becuase he saud he was the 07 world champ and that he did unbelievble stuff with the yoyo.

What city is this in?


Omg if you just got like surgery and he was wheeling you out… I would be like “dude… awsome” then faint.

Yeah, hi, can i have a Mocha Frappuccino and a side order of a purple yoyofactory 888 worlds 2007 edition, signed and kissed…LOL


~Mr.Gorrilla Yo


I’d give him a good tip, and I like it slacked not stired.