MICKEY (Hiroyuki Suzuki) coming

I am meeting world champion Hiroyuki Suzuki this saturday!!! I’m so excited to meet him! I’ve never been to any yoyo contests yet, and I have never met any famous players, so I think it’s going to be pure joy meeting this awesome guy ;D ;D

Cool… how are you able to meet him? At a contest? If so, how do you know you will be able to?

Um… So he’s coming to this big mall where there’s a yoyo shop. He’s coming at 3 pm so if I go there it’s guranteed I’ll meet him. Oh what a dream! :slight_smile:

Sounds pretty exciting! Just remember not to smother him. Haha, but off topic… I really wish we had a yoyo shop in any of our malls in my city… or a shop anywhere within 100 miles for that matter.

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Yeah… just don’t treat him like a celebrity and get all weird. People don’t like that… talk to him like a regular human being or he’ll just get turned off. He’s just a regular guy outside of our little yoyo world.

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Micky is also coming to EYYC this february.

What SR said. He’s a normal dude, treat him as such. Not to mean any disrespect to the yoyo community, but even someone on his level of fame I wouldn’t consider a celebrity (not to say that you should treat celebrities different either, though). Pros like him go to meet ups and stores all the time. Like I’ve met Ben Conde, Anthony Rojas, Grant Johnson, etc etc

You’re so lucky man… Wish I had the chance…

Oh, and everyone thanks for the advice :wink: I’ll keep in mind. I don’t want him to think I’m an idiot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why don’t you post some pictures of the YoYo store they have in the Mall.
I can’t think of any stores like that in the good ole USA.

What YoYo store???

Well, people might not like it becos’ most are Asian… Well but if many people want i might… And the shop is in a huge mall, in Seoul.

yeah me too