Yuuksta images?

(Punchline101) #1

could anybody leak some pictures of the Yuuksta yoyo by yoyo factory??
Sigh…tried searching the web. Didn’t work. :-\

(Kei) #2

Whats the Yuuksta? ??? Is it a new yoyo?

Sounds like Yuuki and Gangsta put together. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s Yuuki Spencer’s new Signature Yo-Yo.

I can’t find pictures of it either… even Lord Google didn’t help…


It does LOL!

(Punchline101) #5

does anyone know ANYTHING about the Yuuksta? like the price shape etc.


No one can tell you anything yet. Some people do know the general idea of the yoyo (including myself) but our lips are sealed until YYF gives the “okay”.


Yuuksta is a Japanese Gang. They terrorize the streets of Hong Kong.


Lier. You hate Yuuki Spencer don’t you?


Actually, I love Yuuki Spencer(Not in a Gay way) because he is very original. And Google Yuuksta and look what comes up.LOL ;D

EDIT: I was thinking Yukusta Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

(Punchline101) #10

DYonch, PLEASE tell me the general things about the yoyo when YYF okays it. PLEASE!!! :’(
P.S. Do you work for YYF??


I know the same thing DYonch knows, and no we don’t work for yyf and no I’m not going to tell you what we know.


Um… Do you mean Yakuza? And Tokyo? Because Hong Kong is in China… And Yuuksta is the name of a yoyo… Not a gang.


I think they should make a yoyo called the GangStar, you know like Superstar, and Protostar but Gangstar. :smiley:


Were getting off topic guys…

Does anybody know if the Yuuksta is metal or plastic? Well, probably metal.

(JM) #15

Guys, if you know something YYF doesn’t want to public to know, you shouldn’t mention there is anything to know.


Agreed… I would like to know how they get this info, or who you have to know though… But oh well, If I’m meant to figure that out in the future I will.