This Guy is AMAZING

I saw this and all i could say was WOW

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Yeah Tommy Gun is awesome. He’s the guy behind the idea of the BigYo.

I bet this guy could turn a grapefruit into a yoyo lol.

wow! he did a tongue laceration and a tongue suicide!

wow that was freaking awesome, love the bananna grind and the use of the tounge

MMMM Tofu Scrambler!!! That stuff is good ;D His Yo’n was sick too, tongue suicide!!! WOW!!!

Sad thing is he doesn’t really yoyo anymore. He was the “other” person at Extreme Spin. Rich and Tommy Gun (Kyle) Had a good thing going but in the end it all went to the toilet. Not saying the store wasn’t selling but Rich just got tired of it. I miss that place.

That sucks, its always the good places that shut down.

That’s why Walmart and McDonald’s are still here? :stuck_out_tongue: Kidding, Walmart is awesome and a chicken sandwich with cheese from McDonald’s is awesome.

I’m a dollar menu tramp :smiley:

Yep, Kyle is awesome.
Here is his bigyo video, for anyone who want to see…

how old is kyle? he looks maybe 16 or 17.

Lol All With a bigyo, what a great vid. Makes me wanna get a bigyo

My mom is Vegan

He’s really good at all of those but he’s not too good at yoyoing

Please please please tell me you either meant dad or she.

the same thing went through my mind

It was a great video too thanks for sharing!

Are you guys aware that these vids are a few years old?

To say that his yoyoing isn’t anything but great is a crime punishable by offstring launches.

TG is the man, Im sad to hear he doesn’t throw. I still have mad love for him and the bigyo.

Bigyo 1a. F’N DO IT!

Nicely Put Skip :stuck_out_tongue: lol

LOL, you guys are hilarious.

I like how he put food into everything, very creatrive stuff.