Fuzzy Wires!


Hey Guys!
Just wanted to Share My video If you havnt already seen it!
Worked on it for the past 3 months

Fuzzy Wires

Thanks and Enjoy! ;D

(Jonathan Brasell) #2

Wow… That was sick!

I especially like that thing you did between 0:08 and 3:09.



Kuya ernest!.. asteeg!

Flipspin ata yan!

(202andrew) #4


(Mi) #5

Nice job.

(JosephP) #6

Stop showing off! LOL


Oh man, that was awesome.

Really good tricks man

On yyn I always thought you’re american, never knew you’re philipino


best vid eve…r btw the green yoyo is peak…?




You have a store that sells good throws? If so then I HATE YOU! :smiley:
the best i can find is a yomega hot shot

(Jonathan Brasell) #11




So good!

Your style is so amazing… I love it. ASTIG!


its a Hulk Smash marmot :]

Thanks for the comments guys Glad you all likes it! ;D


Great Video good it looks awesome


I always get inspired bu your videos, such a high level of awesomness.


It was a joke, the bag was a krispy kreme (sic.) with a CLYW sticker on it. At the beginning he took his donut/yoyo out of the bag and ate the donut.


oh then i guess i can get out of this tree next to his house. but it was so hard getting up here with a sniper rifle… 8) <secret agent man