Ups, downs, and twists.

One of my worst vids.  :-\

Hey, I liked that! What’s the song name?

Cheyah - Mr. Bill (CloZee Remix)


Nice. Can’t wait until my best even scratches the surface of your worst. :wink:

Actually, I thought it was a bad video because of the yoyo going out of the frame, lighting, and blurriness at some parts.

Thank a lot!

I thought “Fuzz alert” was going to mean the soundtrack switching to Jimi Hendrix. But yeah, a bit blurry. It’s hard to get the right focus sometimes.

Awesome! See you Saturday!

Thanks! I am really looking forward to it!

Sean’s not going. :’(

Awww… :’( Well… There’s going to be a ton of other people there! ;D

I knew it sounded familiar, some of CloZee’s other stuff has been in some bboy videos like this one


Nice! Your facial expressions were the best. :smiley:

he is one with the yoyo :smiley:

I am. I just get into my zone and make the funniest expressions! Many people have said so!


Avant Garde?


Haha good job, man!

Lasttt bumppppp

You get down bro, any chance on that little tut on that other trick from that video on my “one year ago video thread” thread? Hahaha