Let the Rain Fall


New Vid!

Comments and criticism appreciated.


awesome great 5a nice yoyos


Nice! Loved it! Haha it was funny you stacking the yoyos up. :stuck_out_tongue:


You just pwned my face off. Sooo good. SOOOO GOOD. SOOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!

Perplexus Maximus

That deserves a Hug.


You pwn noobs :smiley:



I just cried.

I can’t believe you said that. Thank you.


You rock!

Video Favorited!



(Eleazar) #9

what was the yoyo second from the top.



(JackG) #11

whats the song mate


I believe its Older Crowd - MC Chris.


Nice like liked your 5a!


that was very impressive.
fun to watch, and i liked how you changed it up, not all the same.


nice video

(Infinite Chaos) #16

I loved how you stacked the yoyos after each set. Great video!


That Video Was Rocking Man! Keep It Up! ;D


awssome vid what song


I just need to say this again; this video is amazing.

I like watching it over and over.

What is your last name? I don’t like to have just first names on my favorite yoyoers list.


Lol. Thanks!

Adam Schultz