This doesn't scare us Yo-Yoers!!!! Does it?

Not to scare away some new or experienced yoyoers with this but this article is very interesting.

I’ve seen that before. A very interesting article, doesn’t scare me at all.

i want to make 50,000 a year!

my grandma sent me that article… it was in the wall street journal

The Yoyonation CEO is awesome, He set out to do what he loves even though he got paid six figure at his other job. That’s dedication!

you wanna aim that low?

when u think about it 50,000 isn’t a small or a large #. if u are doing what u love and making 50,000 a year it might be worth it. but if it is more of a chore then 50,000 is almoast nothing

no, it does not scare me.
I already have a on-off numbness thing in my left arm so it doesn’t scare me at all.