Thinking of silicone recessing my FH2. How do I mount it?

So yea, how do I mount my FH2 to my drill? I saw this video:!

But I didn’t really get it. How do I put the parts together to mount it?

Any other advice?


Get a new axle screw, preferably longer than the stock one. Put it through the hole in one half and put the nut on. Chuck the free end in the drill. I think the video explains it very well in pictures.

Put the axle screw in from the backside so that the head is where the bearing usually goes. You can use the existing axle but getting a new one keeps from messing up the threads,

Thanks! Any tips for cutting?

I just dont know how to sharpen the thing? WHat else can I use?

Sharpen what? If you mean the jewler’s screwdriver, all you need is sandpaper grits from 100 to 320. 100 to sharpen the tip, 220 to make the tip more fine, and 320 to polish it up. It’s very easy.

How deep should I go? 3 mm?

How wide should the recess be?

3mm is a bit deep. I usually go about 2mm deep. The width of the recess can be as wide as you want, different widths give a different feel while binding. I wouldn’t recess it to the width of a pad recess, but you could, I like to keep it around the width of a slim K-Pad. The distance from the bearing seat should not be more than 2.5mm, since the FH2 is a small bearing yoyo, the recess can be a bit farther. Too far and the binds will slip.