Would this work?

I was thinking that yoyos like the FH2 that have pad recess silicone doesnt stick well. But if you drilled holes and put string through the hole like the loop 720. Would the silicone adhere to the string?

no it would get to messy and not work well

The accepted method is to make the pad recess a bit deeper. That way you can silicone it and it will stay in place. If you have a lathe you can use that to cut a deeper recess. Otherwise some people have used a drill to do it. Run a bolt through the axle hole. Put a nut on the other end. chuck the bolt into the drill. Use a small, sharp screw driver to cut the recess deeper. Here’s a vid by Skip that shows the details:

That’s not a bad idea. It would definitely help the silicone stay in because more surface area on the silicone would be sticking to something solid. Great idea. Any modders want to give this a try?

Yes, but the string is kinda furry, so it might actually make it worse than smooth plastic right? Because it’ll come off bit by bit…

I see your point, and we won’t know the truth until somebody tries it, but the more surface area for the silicone to grip, the better.