Silicone Recessing

Can someone please post what you can use to silicone recess, and how to do it?

It has a video at the bottom how to do it.

What can you use? Type of silicone.

The one they sell there, and I also hear Red Gasket Maker (Or something similar to that, I’m not sure if I got the name) works well. I’m not sure what ele. Techniccally, any will work, but it may rip out fast.

has anyone heard of dot brakes. instead of a round recess for the silicone, drill a series of ‘dots’ (holes) and filling them with silicon. I have a metal zer0 and there is no way to cut a groove on that without machinery. thinking about doing this instead.

oh and use the red flowable silicone from an auto store for the brake mod. Its for high temperature, lasts a long time and you can add new layers as it wears down.

I would assume your method would work. Depending on the yoyo. Most yoyo’s have such a thin wall that it’d be hard not to accidentally drill all the way through. But with some precision, I see no reason why that would work just fine. Good luck, and post about it if you try it and let us know how it worked.

Did it to my buddy’s cheap chinese aluminum. It had an insane recess for these cheap plastic disk brakes so I ripped them out, filled them with epoxy and drilled the holes. There was no way to attach it to a drill and it has pretty good response for just 4 dots.