Things you don't understand


What are some things you don’t understand?

I don’t understand why people listen to live recordings of songs. (It just doesn’t make sense to me)

I don’t understand why people stop buying Christmas presents for people once they’re older (like 18-20 or whatever). The age when they really start to appreciate the gifts. And they buy stuff for little kids who aren’t appreciative at all.


Sooo, yer mum didn’t get you anything for Christmas this year, ehhh.


That would be the opposite of what happened. I got a ton of stuff this year, man!


I don’t understand why you made this topic.


I listen to live recordings of songs. Why? Well, first, I study them to determine audience expectations for mix trends. I also, as a live sound engineer, record my board mixes for Q/A purposes so I can also further/better my craft. I’m also starting to also record my room mixes too so I can A/B them and see how my room mix compares to my board mix. JI can also further use these pair of stereo mixes to build surround sound DVD’s for clients since the board mix goes with the video I recorded. But, then again, I’m an audio professional, and mixing live bands for live shows is one of the things I do for a living.

Plus, live mixes can show a different interpretation of the same song.


i dont understand why I have to pay taxes… no taxation without representation right? well, being grandfathered into the system, i dont feel that i have been represented… i would feel so if this country were still a republic, but ever since i can remember, it has been insisted that the US is a democracy… a wise man once told me the best example of a democracy was 2 wolves and a sheep deciding what to eat for dinner.


America is a republic just a democratic republic. If America was a real democracy then every citizen would be able to vote on laws and such. The citizens vote for representatives who then vote on laws and such in a republic. That is how America works last I checked.


thats still a majority rules tho, and thats not a republic… you just described the difference between an absolute democracy and a representitive democracy… republics protect the minority from stuff they voted against… for instance, if the majority voted for a tax that provided funds to repave streets in a city, and some individuals felt the tax wasnt necessary and voted against it, then they have the representation that enforces that the majority and the minority win… if the minority were to get ignored and thrown in to the same rules as the majority then thats just called coersion