things to achieve before the end of the school year.


mine are…

  1. learn the “moonwalk” dance move ;D
  2. Black hops, superman, ladder escape.
  3. learn 2A
  4. learn 3A
  5. get into all state orchestra.
  6. compete in a trick ladder.

what are your goals for the year?

(Owen) #2

To finish school.


Finish all the tricks on YYE, Keep my 4.0, Get 1st in a snare drum solo (at solo and ensemble), possibly join a band (drumset)




Hey me too! Orchestra for the win! Also to clear 11 feet in the pole vault and get my 800 m. time at least down to 2:50


cool! what instrument do you play?


Viola, you?


Double bass. viola is pretty awesome. you don’t find too many viola players- mostly violin…


My goals for the year

  1. Find my yomega maverick with the counter weight lost it
  2. Get into all county band
  3. Graduate 8th grade
  4. Attend some Yoyo competition
  5. Figure out the trick riot control
  6. Get into expert part 2 on YYE wait no past that if possible
  7. get a Yoyo more than 50 dollars
  8. to keep yoyoing until high school
  9. To be able to play jazz on my clarinet
  10. To be able to post some of my Yoyo artwork
  11. Meet Ann Connolly (probably a long shot)
  12. Get over 30 in bulls eyes with my air rifle
  13. Get a YouTube account
  14. post videos of me yo-yoing
  15. Get a pet of some kind
  16. Get on tv (probably another long shot)
  17. Complete all my goals
    Yep those are all my goals for the year I know it’s a lot but worth it


True that, but there aren’t many bass players either, mostly cellos


The stings are the backbone and life-blood of any fine orchestra!

(Listen to me, like I know what I’m talking about.)

(SR) #12
  1. Purchase/receive a Chief, Code 2, Supernova, and Genesis.
  2. Continue to advance further in 1A.
  3. Pick up 2A and 4A. I really like both and I can do a few tricks in each, but I would really like to learn it.
  4. Make some more videos.
  5. Popularize yoyoing at my school even more and help others learn tricks.

  1. Keep all A’s through the year
  2. Graduate 8th grade
  3. Advance in 1A
  4. Get Better at 2A and 3A
  5. Compete in a yoyo competition (other than sport ladder)
  6. Break my school’s 800 record (2:21. I’m down to around 2:30 I think)
  7. Break 5:45 in the 1600 in track
  8. Break 13:00 in cross country (only 3 more races left)
  9. Get some where around 21 or 22 minutes in a 5K (lots of running goals :P)


Place top 3 in a big Contest. Which actually might not be that big of a long shot. I’m getting pretty good i think!

  1. Run a sub-19:00 5k. 18:30’s would be preferable, if not even lower.
  2. Make top 7 on the cross country team and run at state.
  3. Be an all-state runner.
  4. Have our team win state championship (We will, easily.)
  5. Do some yoyo stuff.
  6. Get accepted into some colleges and decide where I wanna go.
  7. A 32 on my ACT would be nice, I’ve made two 31’s so far.
  8. Rep body weight on bench press more than once.
  9. Squat 1.5x body weight (That’s about 210 and definitely doable.)
  10. Deadlift 305. Current max is 295.
  11. Do some more yoyo stuff.
  12. Get better at juggling.