things that tick me off

what you should do is give him some encouragement. Maybe he’s been looking for acknowledgement from you forever and you haven’t really been giving him that. Your stuck up on your high horse and if you feel someone that started after you is slowly progressing further than you, you have to believe they are at blame. Finding sneaky ways on online forums how to get back at him. And then one day you steal his ice cream and you realize you have gone too far. Don’t go down the ice cream stealing way my young friend. Next time he does that just say “Hey I feel ya”. Or say something really strange.

Or since your a youngin you can act like a youngin’. Don’t try to grow up too fast or you’ll be like JM! You don’t wanna grow up to be that. You wanna grow up to be yourself. If you start finding yourself to be similar to JM then stop! And go be silly and have fun.

(you see what I did there?)

I think that History has proven that wrong, lol.

I really don’t like to show off… Kevlar… and im not on a high horse (i cant afford it) And guys, remember hes my friend. just like jm said “humans are naturally competitive” Its the truth. i was just askin if thats happened to you and youve tried to explain. personally i dont like show offs. And yes i know i could destroy him with my tricks but i wont. Plus i already know hourglass… whats weird is that i learned it before i learned most of the advanced tricks.

I think pwning him is still a legit strategy… He’s probably only in Jr. High

But I get what your saying

So am I wrong for liking my 888’s more then a DM?

Napoleon, Hitler, Mussolini, King Louis XVI, King John…my points not entirely wrong.

Its not that my fellow mitch but His friend is falling into the poor idea that because item B costs more than item A item B must be better

nonono not at all. thats totally fine. its only wrong if you like it just because it costs more

its also wrong to like it because its a yyf or if its anodized and especially if you like it becase it has hubstacks