things that tick me off

so i got my friend into yoyoin but hes being stubborn. at school he was like “im gettin my legacy today” and i was fine so i said “cool” then he was like im gonna kick your butt and your dm". so i laughed cause i knew he was kidding then he said “it”. “im going to beat you because i have the better yoyo, the 888.” I countered and said " Its the player not the yoyo.Then he said “the 888 is ten times better than the dm.” Once again i countered with “Not if you don’t know how to use it. Some have better experiences with the dm some have better times with the 888.” But he refused to give up and said “888 rules”

Y’know what i mean?

Pwn him infront of every one… And when every one thinks your better point out that his yoyo cost about 3times more than yours did

You just have to not worry about stuff like that… it really isn’t a big deal at all that he doesn’t listen. You know what’s right.

It took me 20 years to learn this: Humans are naturally competitive, and almost everyone wants to be better at everything than everyone else. The trick is to figure out who you are and be happy about it. Let him have fun with his 888, and let him think it will make him a better player. As long as you’ve already told him it wont, you’ve done your part. He’ll get it.

My response is a quick but lethal one.

Tell him to grow up.

What I was going to say.

…Get a newer yoyofactory than the 888 and do the same thing to him.

that would prove nothing what he has to do is show him that he can beat him with a dm and maybe he will leave you ALONE

Whether or not it proves nothing, the look on his face would be priceless.
Actually I like both ideas, kick his ass with the DM then pull out a superstar or a Genesis or something.

…or you know… like… don’t act like a 5 year old.

Just do your thing, past that who cares?


This happens to me, but my friend says he has cooler tricks than I do(I’ve been loaning him my FH2, by the way). He does this thing with rock the baby and some move I can’t explain that ends with the yo-yo coming back to his hand. Then he brags to everyone about his mad yo-yo skills. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, just let it pass. You’re doing more harm than good if you show him off. He might see red, and get even more determined to prove he’s better. Putting people in their place is not the best way to go.

try this,
Learn something like hourglass, (or some really cool trick) but
first show him flying trapeze and then say that is all you got, then let him do his trick but just when he finishes his trick do your really impressive trick then leave without a word

Learn some master tricks, buy a cheap plastic (Big Ben $18), and show him how

Lol my friend pulls the same thing almost in front of other people. I got him into yoyoing and told him to get a Big Ben. I had a DM. Everytime someone asks how much the yoyos cost, he always says how its awesome that he only spent $18 and I spent $40. Even though I am better than him and I can do anything with the big ben that i can do on the dm.

Just tell him that you got your DM for $150 because it’s a special edition. It might be too late for that but still…

Scratch what I said, do what mongoriller said lol!

Lol, I’m awesome.

But seriously, I would try it. Say you got it at a contest or something and there are 150 in the world.


I would do/go by what JM suggested/stated.

Screw being the bigger person

Pwn his butt

Some times its better for humanity to put people in their places…

Pwnify the crap outa him