thin lube alternitive


I have PYROIL multi-purpose silicone lubricant which i use for my rubix cube, will it make a good thin lube? (p.s. it evaporates fairly quickly)

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People lube their Cubes?

I’m curious.


yup, we do ;D

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Also curoius as to why rubix cubes require a lube job?
Anyhow about your post, I dont think using the silicone spray lube is a great idea, if I was you I would stick to more traditional lubes such as valve oil or the original thin lube grom yyj or yye, but, if you where to have some spare bearings just laying about it wouldn’t hurt to experiment with the spray and post back any results.


How about try sewing oil, its one alternative for thin lube :slight_smile:


Myre and Hardcore_Max1986, lubing a rubix’s cube makes it spin much easier. Instead of having to grab and twist a side with your whole hand you can just flick it with one finger. Also with the lube, the sides don’t have to line up as perfectly before you can turn a different side. If you are going to lube a rubix’s cube just remember that petroleum based oils are a big no-no. So don’t use vaseline. You want something about as viscous as vaseline but silicone based.


Your lube will not work. You don’t want it to evaporate.


RUBIK CUBE guys, I played rubik too and never hear of that, I have one question can I use traxxas lube from my RUBIK cube to lube the bearing, thanks






wow. 2009. haha. :smiley:

Hmmm, yet you couldn’t resist posting here too…

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Actually what’s wrong with necroing? I think it’s better than keep making new threads again and again?
No pun intended, I really wonder why…


Because most posts from a couple of months or so can lose relevance, or things can change, making a thread useless.