Thick lube alternative.


okay, so today i siliconed my hitman oring, and now its tug responsive, and i can do loops with it. Then, i found out that some silicone got into my bearing and it was silent, and oober responsive.

Lesson learnt: Silicone is good for thick lube.

lol disprove me if i’m wrong by trying it out urself! i’m not going to do it again, because i don’t have many bearings. also tell me if it ruins my bearing or something :slight_smile:


Yes silicone will absolutely ruin your bearings. Silicone doesn’t stay in liquid form, it cures and becomes like rubber. You need to clean your bearings as soon as possible, and just use something like Vasoline if you don’t have anything else. One of the best alternative’s I’ve found is to be a bicycle axle grease called Tri-Flo. It’s the only thing I use for looping, but I use Raiders. They are my favorite.


I agree. You can also use 3-in-1 oil. Silicone will ruin the bearing, for thick lube as well.


in my experience, 3 in 1 will not make your yoyo tug responsive. i used it for a while on my dm until i got some yoyo jam thin lube. it works ok for a thin lube but not as good as yoyo jams. siliconing your bearing wasn’t a good idea. it won’t hurt your bearing unless to much gets in there and jams it up which could cause it to warp. it will probably be hard to clean once it has dried also. i would just use that bearing for a tester and try what ever you like with it because you will probably not get it 100% clean ever again. not to mention it would be worth 14 dollars to just get a new bearing and not have to mess with cleaning the silicon out of that one.


oh dear! ty for telling me o.0


In my experience, 3-in-1 does. Plus, Pat Mitchell swears by it.

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I woulden’t try any of that. Just use what made for yo-yoing. If you want it responsive get Thick Lube, if you want it unresponsive get Thin Lube. :slight_smile:
I think you new that but just telling you.



lols i think my silicone wasnt well done, i tried putting in another bearing and its still responsive ???


Usually, you have to break it in a little. Also, check and see if the silicone is above the recess.