Silicone spray lubricant.I might be on to something ^^

so… i was doing some rubix cube maintenance( Im speed rubix cuber xD), lubeing and spraying down my cubes so they have the maximum turning ability… and i was curious… what if i used my silicone spray lubericant (a spray called jig-a-loo) that i use on my cubes… on one of my yoyo bearings… anyone try this before?

i searched this up and saw a bit of it on the Electrical contact cleaner thread… but i think it needs its own topic. ^^

i just sprayed one of my deshieled standard 8-ball bearings…and i have to say… not too bad.

i seriously think that it made the bearing alot smoother yet more responsive than think lube and noticeably more quiet… but a major difference is that i feel the spin time on a throw greatly enhanced. idk… still have to do some more testing! xD

think ima keep playing around with this, ill try to keep posted.

Other than drinking it silicone spray is a staple in my life.

So, just any aerosol can of Silicone?

I’ve seen heavy duty and regular silicon spray. IMO if your going to lube bearings go regular as it is a little lighter.

I lube my bearings with YYJ thin, with a Pin. I put a microscopic amount in my bearings.

i remember hearing that using silicone based lubricants is bad but i don’t remember there. i’d like to see how this turns out.

For anyone else who wants to try this out, common cube silicone is either jigaloo, or crc silicone. Jigaloo isn’t sold anywhere by me, but crc is. If spraying a bearing is anything like a cube, make sure you spin the bearing for a few minutes after spraying it in, otherwise it will lock up.

This is a thread about Silicone lube, not YoYoJam lube.

I think I posted about using silicone spray lubricant a while back and no one really cared. It is a better lubricant, just harder to use.

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Bob said I should lube my bearings with Lube. So I said that I use YYJ Thin ;).

Silicone spray is about the slipperiest lube you can buy.

So is it recommended? Do you have to buy a particular type/company?

There have been a couple recommended brands mentioned so far. It’s not yet determined if this method is safe for long term usage as it seems that the people posting about it in this thread have only recently begun to use it. Read back a couple posts for more info.

I used it a few times last summer. Still good.

i actually found jigallo at a local ACE hardware store a few months back.

though ive found that the crc stuff from walmart actually works better! makes more a much more quiet bearing. jigaloo is still the best for cubes though^^

been trying on all standard 8 balls, wonder how it compares with in a 10 ball.
because silicone lubricant basically (from what ive read on cubing forums) coats an area with a slippery coating.

also im wondering how long the lube will last because of this.

im becoming a strong believer in this now… it plays great! really different from thin lube. alot cheaper too!

I might just have to try this, I have like 3 different types of rubik’s cube lubes, lubix, jig a loo, crc

the reason you have to make sure spray silicone is dry in cubes is because the propellant melts the plastic a little bit. and i wouldn’t use lubix in a bearing. lubix is like 30,000wt oil. spray lubes are probably like 30-40wt MUCH thinner. make sure what every spray lube ya get doesn’t have petroleum in it. will melt plastic over time and collects dirt more quickly for some odd reason.