Thickest bulk string?


I’ve been using ammo but I want a cheaper alternative that’s uber thick. It needs to whip well and hold good tension.
Thanks guys.


Heard lots of good things about kitty fat. Mine comes tomorrow. =)



Kitty fat seems like your best choice.


Fat Kitty is probably the best way to go.


Blueprint is thicker than standard poly, but not as thick as kitty fat.


Darn. I’ve tried kitty fat and it doesn’t seem thick enough. Fat kitty is what comes with CLYWs now isn’t it?


Yes, that’s “fat” kitty. Which I agree, never seems particularly fat to me.

I believe the fat kitty are the thickest bulk strings YYE carries.


Kitty makes fat XL and fat XXL.
But YYE doesn’t carry it


Kitty XXL sounds right to me


Kitty XXL is the correct answer.


YYE now carries XL Kitty if your interested in that which is thicker that Fat Kitty, dunno if they will carry XXL Kitty though




I think on yye fat kitty xl would be the thickest


Blueprint is up there in thickness as well.