Kitty string?

Normal and XL poly, what are your thoughts? Is it good for slack?

I get Kitty string Normal 100% poly. 100ct

I think most people lean towards Kitty Fat, that is what ships with CLYW throws. I prefer Kitty XL (it’s thicker, not longer). I’ve been wanting to try XXL but I have a feeling it’ll be overkill.

I like the XL as well.

Tried Tall Fat the other day. Full Length. I want more. Dense tech is epic tech.

lol dang

So XL is thicker not longer?

I just read and it is! It’s thicker then fat. Wow and I wanted fat and ordered XL. Makes me happy!

I want to order fat and XXL now. :slight_smile:

Don’t get XXL. It really is too fat to be entirely functional. It’s a bit if fun though.

I got a shutter that still manages to slip on risky binds. I might just get a 10pck to test

I have normal thickness Kitty String. It works for me and binds work nicely. When they’re fresh out of the box, they’re nice and “slacky”.

Normal 100% Poly has been great for 1A and 4A play. Kitty string has a great feel and tends to last the longest and not fray as much as other brands/types.

freah is the best for slacks. Amazing string