Fat Bulk Strings?

So I’m gonna buy a Yoyofficer Gravity, a pair of Jaegers (3A FTW), a Duncan Counterweight Set, and either some kind of thick bulk string (thicker than normal kitty or YYE poly, it sucks when u r using shorter string for 3A and it wont bind)… I’ll be using these for the throws above and for my other throws… I play 1A, 3A, 4A, and some 5A… My preferred string length is normal YYE Poly length…I like slacks and whips and it to hold tension very well (So far ive been using normal kitty which holds tension pretty well)

So… Fat Kitty, Fat Candy Wires, or EXPERT Strings, or other bulk string here on YYE (No buy through forum thread stuff) then tell me why you picked it…

I like fat kitty nylons for 3a great for pretty much everything. Just thought I would say this but those Jaegers look pretty wide for 3a yoyos. Most people go for things around 42mm wide and like 56-58mmm in diameter or thats just what I have noticed.


Kitty XL or XXL.

Anyone tried Fat candy Wires?

I wish they sold XXL Kitty in the US, Id be all over that…