i really need some help. i rather enjoy long string .i was curious to know what string i could get thats long so i dont wast money buying a bunch of string i might not like … i just bought a 100 pack of blueprint string and i found it to be too short . and i tried to buy some yyf super long string but it was a bit much :C… i was looking for something i could buy in bulk but is about 5-8 inches longer than an average kitty string. sorry if this is stupid but i really need help with this

I am just curious if you are 8 feet tall because the Kitty String should be long enough. Already long enough for me out of the package. It works very well for you if you are between 5 foot 6 foot and 6 foot 5 foot… I’d say.

I’m close enough to 6’ even that it makes no difference, and fat kitty is perfect length, maybe a tad shorter than I would tie a longer string, but I like it.

Fat nylon kitty string is a bit longer, but I prefer poly/nylon or straight poly. Toxic Dragons are REALLY long, but they hold tension as well as cooked pasta. CLYW slackline is my favorite string, and a bit longer than fat kitty, but it is slowly running out of stock last time I checked. YYE’s string seems to be a bit long too. Epic strings are my all time “Draupnir of strings”, but they are also there in cost as well.

If I remember any more, I’ll edit, but that’s the strings I’ve bought so far that I like

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We’ve got some Tall Kitty String, Normal and Fat, that should be online next week sometime. It sounds like exactly what you’re looking for.

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kitty string is soooooo gooooooood. I tried candy wires and it was le poop. And those toxic string that come in the vile were also le poop. IMO

yye strings are to short if You buy a hundred pack. its really annoying. that is why i use kitty strings now. nylon is my favorite :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you are talking about YYSL in the vial. Either ammo or venom, but they both mop the floor with Kitty.

Or you can do what I did buy every single string you can and try them all out till you find one or 2 that you like In my case I ended likening and using candy wires every type of kitty string made and yysl ammo venum and type x

Kitty 1.5 or YYSL are my favorites at the moment.

I can honestly agree with half of this post. Candy wires are ok at best, and short, like toxic prime short.

The YYSL Venom strings are near the top of my favorites list, I have no idea how someone could dislike them. I didn’t mention it because they are about the same length as regular and fat kitty, give or take between strings

The Kitty String is long enough for me to the point where I had to train myself not to hit the ground with the Yo-Yo in the beginning switching to Kitty String. Unless this guy is 12 and a half feet tall, I have to ask the Op whether he is trying to hold the string over his head as if flying a kite or not… I stand 5 foots 13 feet myself and the Nylon 1.5 plays amazingly.

In my experience, Toxic Strngs are pretty long. I’m 6’ 4" and kitty works fine. But I love those Toxic Dragons! Wonderful string and longer than most. All toxic strings I’ve purcjased have been longer than all others. I’ve als noticed that all Twisted Strings I’ve purchased have been short.

I had the same problem with twisted strings even though they don’t come pre knot they are still rather short compared to kitty and yysl

The only string I can think of at this size is Toxic Dragon. It’s longer than kitty but very coarse feeling in comparison. You may or may not like it. I feel most of the strings on the market are a tad to short for my preference but there is no one size fits all.

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