long string


looking for some longer string as dont think mine is long enough anyone recomend some long strings please :smiley:


Toxic bg1

(Owen) #3

fat kitty strings will do the trick. they come super long but you can shorten them or leave them at long.


Yep, all the Kitty strings come fairly long, and with no finger loop tied (which is a feature I love – I have to actually pick the finger loop out on my Blueprint strings to get the loop tied at my length of choice). Great strings.


Hmm… with the strings I’ve used it goes roughly like this IIRC:

something < yoyostringlab < candy wires < yoyorecreation < kitty < toxic < specialty superlong string like YYF makes

I could be off on the order of the first three. They’re pretty close. Kitty strings are several cm longer than YYR and Toxic are a few cm longer than kitty I believes. Then you have YYF making 6ft string.

Oh and I second the recommendation for Toxic BG1’s. Nice bright yellow strings that last a while, are moderately thick, and looong.


will try kitty or toxic i think as i have candywire atm clyw slackline is about the size maybe a little short still but think cylw slack line a little on the thick side but one of best strings i have come across