Longest string???

Wondering what is longer or as long as kitty string. I have loved kitty string but I want different colors for my new yoyo but I don’t like short string. I have only tried kitty string and yoyoexpert string and need some advice on string. Thanks!!!

I need it at least as long as kitty string at least so help!!!

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Any YYSL or Toxic Strings will be long, everything that I’ve had from them has been a few inches longer than kitty. Bit more expensive, but high quality stuff.

Thx for the info what is your favorite string then???

Look around a bit, use this wonderful store


I was about to tell him that string to when I saw this thread, lol.

Is g string longer or as long as kitty string???

kitty actually has a very wide range of string color. they even have mixed colors as well as neon. if found that kitty is one of the longer strings out there (I use fat kitty). you say you like kitty, and they make a lot of colors other then just green.

I need a hot pink color right now and it only has a light pink as the picture supposes