Longer String Brands


Ok, i did a search and all i could find was people talking about long string vs short string. My question is what brand is everyone getting for longer string? I want something longer than kitty string but the only brand I see is yoyoexpert. Not opposed to buying theirs, just curious if there are other companies that make some. Thanks for your time!


needles -

to say the longest I have seen ready-made are the 72 inchers from yoyo expert…

you can always do this:

let us know.



I can make long strings also.


I once made 5 15ft long strings for a friend who was yo-yoing off the side of a bridge


YoYo factory EXTRA LONG, sold here on yoyo expert




Sounds awesome!


Dangit, now I need to go find a bridge. And a 15 ft string.

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If you want long string, yet not so long its unplayable, get either Toxic if you think you’ll like that stuff. If you want just a soft, thick string get Unknown Yoyo String (UYYS) from modman10 :slight_smile:

All of those are SUPER long in length. They’re both very different yet amazing.


Kitty string just came out with an extra long version. Also Toxic is very long.


agreed on the toxic strings part. :wink:


Awesome, thanks for the recommendations!!!